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Pink Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate

Pink Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate

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Why Choose Pink Pink Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate?

Himalayan Cooking Block

Add extra sizzle to your meals and surprise you and your family with the naturally delicious taste of Himalayan Salt. What makes Himalayan Salt different from regular salt? The Himalayan Mountains formed over 200 million years ago, rising over sea salt beds and leaving Himalayan Salt hidden deep beneath its snowy peaks. Our Himalayan Salt kitchen products started their journey within these mountains: carefully extracted, crossing land and sea, and brought to your table for all to enjoy. Experience the difference in taste, color and texture that the Himalayan Salt has to offer. Enjoy simmering, searing and serving your favorite foods and discover what makes your taste buds tingle..


- Combo Set: 1x Himalayan Salt Block + 1x Salt Block Holder, designed for stovetop and grill use only *NOT recommended for oven use

- Salt Block maximum temperature: 500°F

- Salt Block has natural properties - easy clean up, no chemical cleaners required

- Includes pamphlets with detailed usage and cleaning instructions


Designed with your health and taste buds in mind, ALISALTSTORE knows that food preparation is just as important as the food itself. The tools and methods you use to prepare your meals can change how your body feels. We aim to equip you with the best tools you need to prepare easy and delicious meals, all while keeping your healthy lifestyle in mind. Whether you are preparing a simple snack for one or a fancy feast for many, Our exceptional quality materials and foolproof designs provide a one-stop-shop for all of your kitchen's needs. Unleash your appreciation for fun, simple, and safe cooking with US!

Disclaimer: ALISALTSTORE and its agents will not be responsible for any and all liability related to improper or unintended use or modification of the Salt Block and Salt Block Holder.

Cooking Block With Tray

Himalayan Salt Cooking Block With Recipe Book

Salt plates impart a milder flavor than when using ground salt. Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals, and has a naturally high moisture content, which allows the plate to be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. Works wonderfully on the grill, on a gas range or even chilled in the refrigerator for serving and presenting cold foods.

The plate comes from an enormous pink salt boulder, harvested from ancient salt mines in the far reaches of the Himalayas. That salt boulder was crafted into individual blocks or plates.​

Includes a Book with 4 Great dishes you can Grill on this Cooking Block

Natural Himalayan Salt

How To Care For Your Salt Plate:

Himalayan salt naturally disinfects themselves and requires no cleansers. After use, simply wash the salt plate under warm water and scrub lightly with a soft brush or sponge. Do not submerge the plate in water. Dry with a paper towel to remove any excess pockets of water in the plate. Air-dry the plate for at least 24 hours before next use. Store salt plate in a dry environment until next use.

Part of the charm of a Himalayan Salt Plate is the naturally occurring irregularities and fissures in the surface of the salt, none of which affect the cooking properties of the mineral. The color and form of each salt plate is unique and will change when heated. With use, the plate may develop more surface depressions and will eventually dissolve completely. Proper care of the salt plate will extend its useful life.

The Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate is a unique and innovative way to cook and serve your food. Made from Pink Pink Himalayan Salt, it is known to offer several health benefits, making it a preferable choice by chefs worldwide. This cooking plate takes your culinary skills to the next level, allowing you to experiment with flavors like never before.

When heated, the Pink Pink Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate imparts a subtle flavor, enhancing the taste of your food. It is perfect for grilling, sautéing, chilling, or merely presenting your food. Thus, it's a versatile piece that is indispensable to your kitchen.

The Pink Pink Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate does not only serve as a tool for cooking but also as one for presentation. Its beautiful pink hue and unique structure mean it doubles as a stylish serving platter. So, go ahead and showcase your mouthwatering dishes straight from the grill or kitchen counter to the dining table on this chic plate.

To make the most out of your Pink Pink Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate, ensure to heat it slowly to prevent cracking, clean gently after use and keep it dry. As you use it more often, you’ll notice changes in color and even an improvement in your food's flavor, a clear testament to your enhanced cooking agility.

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